An unique collaboration between various professional partners in the IFS ecosystem.



Technology Partner

The DOC is has a very clear profile in the market: ‘All about where IT makes sense.’ The DOC is as IFS partner supporting many IFS Customers with 24/7 technical monitoring and maintenance of the IFS Databases and Middleware, On-premise and in the Cloud. Read more.

Services Provider

Kaloo Project Management, owned by Arjen Hoefkens, offers project management for IFS implementations and customizations. Arjen has been an active board member of the IFS User Group and has a lot of ERP experience. Read more.

Solutions Provider

Vaes Informatica, owned by Rob Vaes, is well known in the IFS customer community. Rob delivers custom-build solutions around the IFS application including interfacing to external systems. Read more.

Business Partner

12Guide is a company with highly skilled and experienced people that adds value based on IFS Applications to companies that want simple, yet high-quality, professional solutions that are designed by people who work with passion. Read more.

Business Partner

As IFS partner, Eqeep provides consultancy, maintenance and integration services for  IFS Applications and IFS Field Service Management. Eqeep delivers functional and technical application support of the IFS solutions. Read more.

Business Partner

A successful ERP implementation starts with well-defined business processes. Optimizing business processes optimizes people.

Syntrium helps technical companies to optimize businesses processes from analysis over implementation to support. Read more.

Ready to use



Application extensions

In addition to standard functionality, IFS offers customization options that are developed through “customizations” and “modifications”. These adjustments are valuable, but also have objections, especially when extensive customization is involved. This can become a complex knitting in the IFS core, making maintenance costly and IFS upgrades complex and time consuming. The alternative is a custom solution in the form of “application extensions”. For this we have a unique and fast solution with Oracle APEX. A modern low-code application platform that runs in the Oracle database. With APEX it is possible to create standalone IFS application extensions that are separate from the IFS ERP core. Customization can be developed quickly and easily with APEX, while maintenance is also low-threshold. Most importantly, application extensions do not affect IFS upgrades.

Solutions – Ready to use:

  1. Document control
  2. Union Custom Code System
  3. Vessel Inspection Assessment
  4. IFS Supporting Suite
  5. Human Resources Management & Time and Attendance
  6. Project delivery add-on
  7. Procurement
  8. Budgeting & Forecasting add-on


Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is an IaaS that delivers on-premises, high-performance computing power to run cloud native and enterprise company’s IT workloads. Working in the Oracle Cloud offers great opportunities for your organization. The Cloud offers your organization ample flexibility and reliability to ensure that your critical systems are always available and safeguarded and the organization is ready for the future! Working in the Cloud transforms the entire business. The right partner for this transformation is therefore crucial for your Cloud success. The DOC is happy to recommend the optimal design and implementation of your Oracle Cloud. Our consultants look forward to working with you to find a perfect coordination and also provide targeted advice to allow your organization to optimally benefit from the many additional options that the Oracle Cloud has to offer your organization.


The most important benefits:

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • A sustainable Cloud Strategy
  • Cost efficient
  • Security of the highest level
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Customization in the Cloud

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